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Out Patient Clinic: 
At present the out patient clinic is open on all days of the week except Sundays from 09.30 am to 4.00 pm. On an average 40-45 patients visit the OP for treatment. There are about 16 Doctors who make their services available to the society without any remuneration for the smooth conduct of OP. Likewise there are nearly 60 volunteers who render free service on rotation. The infrastructural work for setting up the Out patient Clinic was carried out with the financial support to the tune of Rs: 3.50 lakhs from the Local Area Development Fund of Thrissur MLA Shri: Therambil Ramakrishnan. 
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In Patient Ward: 
The society has been able to set up an Inpatient Ward in 2008 which can accommodate 10 patients at a time. The infrastructural work for setting up the IP was carried out with the financial support of Rs 10 lakhs from the development fund of late Shri: C.K. Chandrappan, former MP of Thrissur. The Rotary club of Trichur Central provided equipments worth Rs 10.31 lakhs for setting up the IP. First admission to the IP was made on 5th November 2008 and over a period of nearly seven years a total member of 2600 patients were admitted. The sad part is that 25 percent of patients admitted had their end in the IP, but all of them had a peaceful and honourable end. With the joint support of Thrissur MP Shri: P.C. Chacko (Rs. 10 lakhs) and the South Indian Bank Officers Association (Rs. 5.5 lakhs) we could erect a lift to the upper floor where the Inpatient Unit is functioning. This is a great relief to the patients as well as to the volunteers who had to carry the patients to the IP.The Dhanalakshmi Bank Officers Organization donated a generator (4.50 lakhs) for the smooth functioning of the lift and the clinic. 
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Home Care Visits: 
There are regular home visits on all days except Sundays. There are two home care units, one attending to regular planned home care visits and the other attending to emergency calls. The Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. has kindly donated us a Qualis Van for conducting the Home Care programme. Other organisations who have donated vehicles are, Catholic Syrian Bank Officers' Association (a Bolero Van), Power Grid Corporation (an Ambulance), Karnataka Bank (a Van).Two teams of volunteers including nursing staff and one doctor visit the patients in their homes with medicines and all other necessary medical equipments. Procedures like catheterization etc are done during home visits which saves the patient from the trouble of being taken to hospital for this purpose. The relatives of the patients are given proper guidance in wound care, medication, diet etc. The need of involvement of every member of the family in care and treatment of the patient is stressed. Home Care visits strengthen the confidence of the patient and family members to face the hard times of illness and social as well as financial distresses.
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Renal Patients: 
There are a large number of end stage renal patients in our community. The financial burden for the treatment of renal patients is far beyond anybody’s imagination. On an average the family of a patient has to spend Rs 12000 to Rs 15000 every month for dialysis and supporting medicines just to keep him alive. Even very rich families cannot afford to spend this much for treatment. At present there are 758 renal patients in our register, to whom we are giving monthly medicines at a cost of Rs: 3000/- per patient.
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Physiotherapy Centre: 
There are good number of patients who are paraplegic and confined to bed. Their condition deteriorate day by day as there is no physical activity. Physical condition of these patients can be improved substantially if they are subjected to proper physiotherapy. At present we have a physiotherapy unit which functions Monday to Friday. There are 280 patients who come on rotation to do physiotherapy under a physiotherapist a doctor and an occupation therapist. 
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Patients and their close relatives are partially self employed under our rehabilitation programme such as soap making, garment making and screen printing. 
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Help Desk:
There are lots of welfare measures by the Government for assisting economically backward families and those who are suffering from long time illness, like cancer and chronic kidney disease. Unfortunately many patients are unaware of it and those who are aware of it may not be in a position to avail of it due to various reasons. In order to address this problem we have a Help Desk managed by one of our community volunteer Mr. Jose Emmatty. The Help Desk functions on all Mondays, 9 am to 4 pm. Eligible patients or their relatives are directed to the help desk, where they get the needed information and necessary help to fill up the application form, submitting it through proper channel and following it up with the authorities. We have already provided this help to over 2000 families.

Institute of Palliative Care: 
Simultaneously with the shifting of the OP in 2006 to the Old District Hospital Building a training Institute was set up with the support of Rotary Club of Trichur Central which provided equipments worth Rs: 7.3 lakhs to give necessary training to Doctors, Nurses and Volunteers to equip them to work in the different areas of Palliative medicines, care and treatment. Different training courses are conducted regularly in the Institute. They are:

Basic Certificate Course in Palliative Medicine
Basic Certificate Course in Palliative Nursing
Basic Certificate Course in Palliative Auxiliary Nursing
Certificate Course in Essential of Palliative Care
Two week training to Nurses / Doctors
Two day training to Volunteers
Periodic Refreshers courses for doctors, nurses and volunteers

Our Society is a centre for MSW Students for their block field work placement. Institute of Palliative Care was set up with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Trichur Central. The Institute has been approved by the Govt. of Kerala for training in palliative care and recognized at the national level also. This is also one among the few centers recognized by the Indian Association of Palliative Care for its Certificate Course. Institute of Palliative Care is a collaborating centre of Institute of Palliative Medicine which is a demonstration project of World Health Organization.Our training institute is a reformative centre for students /boys sent by juvenile magistrate . .From their feed back, we get an excellent feeling that, service among the suffering is a great corrective measure, than punitive measures of the system. 
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Hospice and Day Care Centre: 
Considering our service in the Society for the last eighteen years, Govt of Kerala has sanctioned twentyfive cents of land for us along with two other similar agencies, in Aranattukara Village, Olarikkara, of Thrissur Corporation. Here we are constructing a HOSPICE CENTRE and a DAY CARE CENTRE. The Home Centre is envisaged as a shelter for patients who need prolonged treatment, perhaps till the end of their life. Day Care centre is envisioned as one where patients can be admitted for the whole day, so that close relatives can go for work and earn their living.
The total cost of the three storyed Building is estimated as Rs: one crore.

We have two libraries, one is reference library for Doctors, Nurses, Students and volunteers in Palliative Medicine. It has 71 books on different subjects of palliative medicine and treatment.
Our common library with nearly 1500 English / Malayalam books caters to the reading enthusiasm of volunteers and handful of patients. Forty volunteers are regular members of the library.

Welfare Measures: 
Majority of the patients who come for treatment in the OP are financially backward. In several cases the sole earning member is the affected person and the income of the family is reduced to nil. For them rice kit of 10 kg is being given every month. There are more than 200 families who are benefitted by this. In deserving cases education assistance ranging from Rs 300 to Rs 2000 is also given to the children of the patients. Apart from medicines, equipments like water bed, wheel chairs, crutches etc are also supplied to the needy, free of cost.


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