Institute of Palliative Care :

Simultaneously with the functioning of OP in 2006, in Old District Hospital Building a Training Institute was set up to give necessary training to Doctors, Nurses and Volunteers to equip them to work in the different areas of Palliative medicines, care and treatment. Different training courses are conducted regularly in the Institute. They are:

1. Basic Certificate Course in Palliative Medicine
2. Basic Certificate Course in Palliative Nursing
3. Basic Certificate Course in Palliative Auxilliary Nursing
4. Certificate Course in Essential of Palliative Care
5. Ten days' hands on training for Doctors
6. Two day training tovolunteers
7. Periodic Refresher Courses for doctors, nurses and volunteers

Click the link below to download the applications:

1. Application Essentials Palliativecare
2. Auxilliary Nurses Training

For the remaining courses you may submit  your own application giving all details, like date of birth, address, contact number (if any), qualifications, etc.
For more information about the courses, please contact:

Pain and Palliative Care Society
Old Dist. Hospital Building
Thrissur 680 001

either on phone (Dr. Ramla Beevi, Phone: 9446146901) or through e-mail:

Pain and Palliative Care Society
Old District Hospital Building
Round East
Thrissur 680 001
Phone: +91 487 232 2128

Contact Us:
General Office: +91 487 232 2128
President, Instt. Of Paliative Care: 9447308707