The out patient clinic is open on all days of the week except Sundays. The OP time is between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm. On an average 40-50 patients visit the OP daily for treatment. The patients are received by trained volunteers. They give the patients and relatives an opportunity to ventilate their emotional problems and to explore their social issues. There are nearly 60 volunteers and there will be around 6 to 8 volunteers in the OP at a given time caring for the patients. After registering the patient, volunteer in charge of the patient takes him/her to the doctor. The doctor goes through the documentation made by the volunteer, listen to the patient, examine, discuss with patient and relatives and arrive at a plan of care. There is only one paid doctor but there are about 16 doctors who offer their voluntary service on a regular basis. The infrastructural work for setting up the Out patient Clinic was carried out with the financial support to the tune of Rs: 3.50 lakhs from the Local Area Development fund of Thrissur MLA Shri. Therambil Ramakrishnan.

Dr. Geetha attending a patient Dr. Sajitha
Dr. Anitha General view of Outpatients Clinic

There is an inpatient facility which can accommodate 10 patients at a time. Patients are admitted mainly for 3 reasons. When some of the symptoms become out of control, they are admitted for a few days and will be discharged in a few days or weeks and goes back home. The second reason is for terminal care. Most of our patients have only limited life expectancy. We try to empower the patients and the families for achieving a peaceful end to their life at their own home. But at certain occasions patients will have symptoms which the care givers find it difficult to manage at their own home. Such patients will be admitted for end of life care. The third category of admission is for respite care. There are occasions when the primary care giver in the family become ‘burn out’. In such situation the patient is admitted to the IP unit and relieves the care giver from the burden of care. After a period of 7 to 10 days the care giver will be re-charged and they go back home to continue care from home.

The inpatient ward was started in 2008 with the financial help of Rs: 10 lakhs from the development fund of Shri. C. K. Chandrappan, the former MP of Thrissur. The Rotary Club of Thrissur Central provided equipments worth 10.31 lakhs for the functioning of the IP unit. With the joint support of Thrissur MP. Shri:P.C Chacko ( Rs: 10 lakhs) and the South Indian Bank Officers Association (Rs: 5.5 lakhs) we could erect a lift to the upper floor where the IP unit is functioning. This is a great relief to the patients as well as to the volunteers who had to carry the patients  to the IP. The Dhanalakshmi Bank Officers Organization donated a generator ( 4.50 lakhs) which ensure uninterrupted power supply.
Kidney Patients Group

It is very important for those serving in the field of palliative care to understand the mental, emotional and social problems faced by the patients, their family members and other care givers. The problems faced by kidney patients being unique to their health condition, it was decided that a support group dedicated ....

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Colorectal Cancer Support Group

Pain and Palliative Care Society, Thrissur has formed a Colorectal Cancer Support Group (CRCSG) with the obje ctive of providing focused attention and better service to the group of per sons affected by colorectal cancer. The se patients have similar issues to ta ckle during the treatment and manage ment of their condition.

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Mental Health Group

MHAT is a registered charitable trust based at the Institue of Palliative Medicine in Kozhikode, Kerala. Aim of the trust is to provide free community based mental health care to econo mically backward people.
MHAT aims to demonstrate that com prehensive psycho-social care can be provided in resource-scarce settings...
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