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Integrating palliative care and symptom relief into paediatrics: a WHO guide for health care planners, implementers and managers
Publisher: World Health Organization
Year: 2018, Pages. 96, ISBN 978-92-4-151445-3

This document is part of a series of WHO publications on palliative care. Their objective is not to provide clinical guidelines, but rather practical guidance on integrating palliative care and symptom relief into health care systems. The current publication is intended to assist anyone involved with planning, implementing, managing or assuring the quality of health care for children to integrate palliative care and symptom relief such that the quality of life of children and their families will be improved, health-care systems will be strengthened and cost-effective models of service provision will be implemented. With this guide, WHO reiterates its commitment to answering the needs and expectations of all people, especially the most vulnerable.


Palliative Handbook Medicine 3rd Edn
Ian N Back
Year: August 2001, Pages. 295, 

Many drugs are used in palliative care outside their licensed use at the doctor's discretion. Details of these, together with 'typical' doses and maximum doses are included as an aide-memoir. However, the inclusion of a drug or treatment in this handbook does not dissolve the doctor of their personal responsibility in providing treatment that they are confident with, and can justify, and that is tailored to the individual patient's circumstances. The extensive references aim to help the prescriber to know the evidence supporting its use.


Standards of Practice for Pediatric Palliative care
Publisher: NHPCO
Year: 2012, Pages. 2019, 

Professional development series published by National Hospice and Palliative care Organisation


A caregiver's guide to the Dying Process
Publisher: Hospice Foundation of America
Year: , Pages. 17, 

A Caregiver's Guide to the Dying Process is intended for anyone who is caring for a person near the end of life. Our goal is to help make your experience as meaningful and manageable as possible. Many who are caring for a terminally ill person have never done so before. You may feel frightened, confused, and overwhelmed. It is hard to know and accept that someone we care for is near the end of life.


A Guide to Children's Palliative Care
Publisher: Together for Short Lives, England
Year: 2018, Pages. 21, 

Supporting babies, children and young people with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions and their families.


A Guide to Children's Palliative Care Supporting babies, children and young people with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions and their families. Fourth edition.
Year: 2018, Pages. 21, 

The Guide to Children's Palliative Care provides information on children's palliative care: what it is, its principles, purpose and importance to the children, young people and families who need it. The Guide seeks to establish and realise a vision that ensures children and their families have access to and receive comprehensive, high quality, evidence-based services delivered by an appropriately trained and experienced workforce.


A Guide to the Development of Children's Palliative Care Services
Publisher: ACT
Year: 2018, Pages. 38, 

This is the latest edition of ACT's A Guide to the Development of Children's Palliative Care Services. As with previous editions it sets out the background, the definitions and the need for children's palliative care and lays out the actions that commissioners and providers need to take to develop the highest quality, child and family-centred services.


A guide to using palliative care competence frameworks
Publisher: NHS Education for Scotland
Year: March 2007, Pages. 52, 

This guidance was produced to support managers, teams and individuals in identifying appropriate palliative care competences for use within their organisation or workplace.


A Handbook for Family Caregivers of Patients with Serious Illness
Publisher: University of California, San Francisco
Year: 2009, Pages. 68, 

This handbook has been developed to provide easily accessible and accurate information to family caregivers helping to care for loved ones with serious illness.


A Handbook of Palliative Care in Africa
Publisher: African Palliative Care Association
Year: 2010, Pages. 88, ISBN 978 9970 204 00 7

This handbook is designed to introduce the general population, including busy managers and administrators, to palliative care and to assist them in planning for palliative care services in the African context.