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A caregiver's guide to the Dying Process
Publisher: Hospice Foundation of America
Year: , Pages. 17, 

A Caregiver's Guide to the Dying Process is intended for anyone who is caring for a person near the end of life. Our goal is to help make your experience as meaningful and manageable as possible. Many who are caring for a terminally ill person have never done so before. You may feel frightened, confused, and overwhelmed. It is hard to know and accept that someone we care for is near the end of life.


A guide to using palliative care competence frameworks
Publisher: NHS Education for Scotland
Year: March 2007, Pages. 52, 

This guidance was produced to support managers, teams and individuals in identifying appropriate palliative care competences for use within their organisation or workplace.


A Handbook for Family Caregivers of Patients with Serious Illness
Publisher: University of California, San Francisco
Year: 2009, Pages. 68, 

This handbook has been developed to provide easily accessible and accurate information to family caregivers helping to care for loved ones with serious illness.


A Handbook of Palliative Care in Africa
Publisher: African Palliative Care Association
Year: 2010, Pages. 88, ISBN 978 9970 204 00 7

This handbook is designed to introduce the general population, including busy managers and administrators, to palliative care and to assist them in planning for palliative care services in the African context.


Access to Hospice Care Expanding Boundaries, Overcoming Barriers
Bruce Jennings, True Ryndes, Carol D'Onofrio, Mary Ann Baily
Year: January 2000, Pages. 64, 

The purpose of this report is to contribute to the broad goal of improving end of life care by addressing specific problems in access to and delivery of hospice care


Contemporary and Innovative Practice in Palliative Care
Edited by Esther Chang and Amanda Johnson
Publisher: InTech
Year: 2012, Pages. 302, ISBN 978-953-307-986-8

This book was developed to showcase the evolution of palliative care internationally in both developed and developing nations. It plays the vital role in alleviating suffering and promoting prosperity so that all people living to die had a quality life. This book has also been designed to provide comprehensive information on key contemporary issues associated with palliation. This book is divided into three sections. Section 1 examines contemporary practice; Section 2 looks at the challenges in practice; Section 3 discusses the models of care.


Definition of terms used in limitation of treatment and providing palliative care at end of life.
Publisher: Indian Council of Medical Research
Year: 2018, Pages. 54, 

The document discusses controversies on withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatment and how it is ethically and legally different from euthanasia as the latter is direct intentional killing of a person as part of the medical care being offered. It also explains active shortening of dying process, physician assisted suicide, surrogate and various other terms.


End-of-life Care During the Last Days and Hours
Publisher: Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario
Year: 2011, Pages. 123, 

This nursing best practice guideline is a comprehensive document, which provides resources necessary for the support of evidence-based nursing practice. The document must be reviewed and applied, based on the specific needs of the organization or practice setting/environment, as well as the needs and wishes of the client. This guideline should not be applied in a cookbook fashion, but rather as a tool to enhance decision-making in the provision of individualized care. In addition, the guideline provides an overview of appropriate structures and supports necessary for the provision of best possible care.


Exploring Your Options for Palliative Care - A guide for patients and families
Publisher: UHN
Year: 2018, Pages. 12, 

When should I receive palliative care?, Where can I receive palliative care? Who provides palliative care?How can I get palliative care?


Guidelines for Developing Palliative Care services.
Recommendation of an expert group meeting 17-18 June 2008
Publisher: MNJ Institute of Oncology Hyderabad
Year: 2008, Pages. 67, 

The manual has been divided into 3 sections. Section 1 is oral morphine availability, Section 2 & 3 outlines the process of developing palliative care service in a hospital and within community respectively. The manual also include s information on training facilities and training programs on palliative care available in different parts of India.