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An Introduction to Supportive Care of Advanced Kidney Disease
Publisher: Renal Resource Center
Year: 2012, Pages. 28, 

This booklet explains what to expect from treatment and how to plan your future care should you not have dialysis. It will provide a basis for you and your family to discuss your individual circumstances and treatment preferences with your renal physician, general practitioner and other members of your health care team. These discussions will allow you to participate in your health care by making an informed choice about which direction is most suitable for you and to plan for the future.


Capacity and decision making in chronic Kidne disease - Patinet information
Publisher: Kidney care UK
Year: 2017, Pages. 8, 

If a person cannot make decisions for themselves, their relatives or friends should be consulted and may be asked to advise the health care professionals on their likely wishes. In these circumstances, the health care professionals bear the responsibility for the decision-making.


Chronic Kidney Disease A Guide to Clinical Practice
Publisher: European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association
Year: 2008, Pages. 276, ISBN: 978-84-612-5925-0

This EDTNA/ERCA handbook covers the care and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) stages 4 and 5. The handbook is primarily aimed at renal nurses, dietitians, counsellors, social workers and pharmacists. Renal healthcare is a specialised area of clinical practice and the aim of this handbook is to provide information about the day to day management of patients with stages 4 and 5 CKD,


Chronic Kidney Disease in Adults Identification, Evaluation and Management
Year: 2019, Pages. 11, 

This guideline provides recommendations for the investigation, evaluation, and management of adults at risk of or with known chronic kidney disease (CKD). These recommendations and treatment targets may not be appropriate in all cases because many patients with CKD are complex due to older age and comorbidities. Communication between primary care providers and specialists is strongly encouraged.


End of Life Care in Advanced Kidney Disease
Publisher: National Clinical Directors for End of Life Care UK
Year: 2015, Pages. 51, 

The National Service Framework (NSF) for Renal Services was the first national framework to talk about death and dying. End of Life Care in Advanced Kidney Disease: A Framework for Implementation now sets out how to achieve high quality end of life care for people with kidney disease in practice.


Pathway for Renal Palliative Care Services in Western Australia
Publisher: Department of Health, State of Western Australia
Year: July 2012, Pages. 32, 

This document describes a care pathway for the establishment of an integrated patientcentric multi-disciplinary renal palliative care service. The service has a strong linkage with the palliative care team and primary care practitioners, with active involvement of the patient and carers in decision making. The service encompasses patient and family education, symptom management protocols, advance care planning, Liverpool Care Pathway for the last days and hours of life, and finally bereavement support.


Withdrawing from Dialysis Treatment Information for Patients and their Families
Leanne Dalla-Vecchia
Year: 2011, Pages. 20, 

This booklet answers questions that are most commonly asked about withdrawing from dialysis. It is not unusual to think about this when other medical conditions or long term complications of your dialysis treatment are adversely affecting your health and outlook on life. However, even serious complications can often be treated and get better. When this happens, it is sometimes hard to believe that you ever thought about stopping your dialysis treatment