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About Pain And the help available
Publisher: Palliative Care Victoria
Year: 2018, Pages. 6, 

The goal is to control your pain and to improve your quality of life


Guidelines on Pain Management & Palliative Care
A. Paez Borda (chair), F. Charnay-Sonnek, V. Fonteyne, E.G. Papaioannou
Publisher: European Association of Urology
Year: 2016, Pages. 96, 

The new European Association of Urology (EAU) Guidelines expert panel for Pain Management and Palliative Care have prepared this guidelines document to assist medical professionals in appraising the evidence-based management of pain and palliation in urological practice. These guidelines include general advice on pain assessment and palliation, with a focus on treatment strategies relating to common medical conditions and painful procedures.


Publisher: Greater Manchester Strategic Clinical Network
Year: 2015, Pages. 82, 

The main focus of these guidelines is the easing of pain and other symptoms in the patient with advanced cancer. Much of the symptom control advice here may be extrapolated to other terminal illnesses - with a degree of caution, bearing in mind the specific pathophysiological stresses that specific illnesses may cause. This is a set of guidelines and not protocols. There are often alternative ways to manage symptoms that may be appropriate and advised by specialists.