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Considering Hospice Care:A Discussion Guide for Families
Publisher: VITAS Healthcare
Year: 2012, Pages. 17, 

Although we can't control the time of our death, hospice, also referred to as palliative care, gives us control over how we are cared for near the end of life and where we choose to be. It's a powerful feeling to have options at the end of life, to be able to make our own decisions, to know that our personal wishes will be carried out. In addition, studies show that early hospice care can improve quality and quantity of life: In a study, patients who chose hospice care lived an average of 29 days longer than similar patients who did not choose hospice.


Hospice Care
Publisher: American Cancer Society
Year: 2019, Pages. 15, 

What Is Hospice Care? How and Where Is Hospice Care Provided and How Is It Paid For? Finding a Hospice Program. Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Hospice Care.


The Family Handbook of Hospice Care
Publisher: Fairview Press, Minneapolis
Year: 1999, Pages. 130, 

The basic message of this book and of the hospice approach of compassionate care for the dying is two fold: "Caregiving may be the hardest thing you will ever do," the authors state. "Even so, most people who have done it say the challenge is worthwhile."