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Opinion of the Working Group on Ethics in Research and Medicine on Palliative care in the European Union
Publisher: COMECE
Year: February 2016, Pages. 34, 

Te research carried out in the past few years tends to confrm the absence of unexpected premature deaths when patients are sedated in accordance with good professional practice. However, sedation reduces the patient's consciousness and awareness of his environment, and also hampers his ability to express himself.


Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing
Betty Rolling Ferrell and Judith A. Paice (Editors)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2006, Pages. 1269, ISBN: 9780190862374

Addresses the practical aspects of nursing care including symptom assessment, patient teaching, family support, psychosocial aspects of palliation, and spiritual care in relation to a variety of care settings and patient populations


Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration Clinical Manual
Publisher: Australian Government Department of Health
Year: 2018, Pages. 39, 

This manual is designed for palliative care clinicians to understand and utilise the PCOC assessment tools and data items as part of routine clinical practice.


Surgical Palliative Care: A Resident's Guide
Publisher: American college of surgens
Year: 2009, Pages. 278, 

Surgical Palliative Care: A Resident's Guide is intended as an educational tool to ... the end-of-life care for surgical patients and to help them address difficult .


The IAHPC Manual of Palliative Care 2nd Edition
Derek Doyle OBE, DSc, MD, FRCSE, FRCP (Lond & Edin) & FRCGP, Roger Woodruff MBBS, FRACP & FAChPM
Publisher: IAHPC Press
Year: 2008, Pages. 150, ISBN 0-9758525-1-5

The IAHPC is conscious of the fact that in many countries palliative care textbooks and practice manuals are expensive or difficult to obtain. The IAHPC offers this Manual in the hope that doctors and nurses worldwide will find the information in it helpful, will feel free to download