Snehasangamam - 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Snehasangamam, or a get together of our patients or their relatives, volunteers and well wishers on 8th October 2010 to commemorate World Hospice & Palliative Care Day. A very informal get together, sans chairpersons or an inauguration, was arranged at the Jawahar Balbhawan, Thrissur.

In his welcome speech, Dr. K. Aravindakshan, founder member and Secretary of the Society stated that our patients are today's stars; they form the central theme around whom the rest of the guests revolve. Today is their Day. He exhorted those present to speak with an open mind, be it a bouquet or a brickbat, share their experiences and their outlook about our services.

More than 100 guests registered for this programme. Sister M. Radha lead the experience sharing by insisting that everyone get a chance to speak; some patients struggled for words, a few cried, but all of them shared their moments of agony, how and when palliative society came into their life and what a lot of difference the society has made in their life. It was a true instance of this years' theme of "sharing the care".

Sr. Radha continued to say that though all of us have different levels of pain and unhappiness, we should strive to rise above that and move forward to celebrate this instance of togetherness in a happy mood. There were songs and skits and new information regarding formation of a club "Santhwanam" by nursing students of Thrissur Medical College led by Mr. Shakeel. The latter activity comes as new hope for the future generation. Rotary Club president Mr. Raphy John also spoke on the occasion and he applauded the services rendered by the Society. The meeting dispersed after lunch.

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