A visit by Tushar Gandhi to our pain clinic

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sri Tushar Gandhi, Great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi paid a visit to our clinic this afternoon. Tushar Gandhi is best known for having established the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation. Since 1996 he has served as President of the Lok Seva Trust, an NGO which a nephew of Mahatma Gandhi had establish in central Bombay in the mid-1950s for the welfare to textile-mill labourers.

He addressed a gathering of volunteers and staff. He said he was delighted to see a bunch of volunteers who followed the path of Bapu and Ba - path of compassion and care and selfless volunteering. He quoted incidents from Bapus life - his role as a volunteer in British - Dutch war, how he stood up for human rights in South Africa. He compared the work of palliative care workers to that of Sevagram ashram. Even a small act of care that brought relief to a person in agony counts, he added.

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